Energy Efficient Gardens and Landscaping

Everyone enjoys sitting under the shade of a big tree during summer hot days to enjoy a little bit of retreat from the heat. On winter, they want to have a warm wall to lean their back on to throw away some of the chills. The easiest way to acquire such comfort is by using electric-powered heating system and air conditioner. With just a little effort and time, you can actually take advantage from your humble landscaping and gardens, turning them into energy-saving parts of the house to help you reduce electricity bill all year long. With proper planning, design, and selection of trees, your landscapes deliver more than mere beautiful appearance.

Broadleaf Trees

Leaves are great for blocking the sun and hot air during summer. To get the best of them, put or plant some deciduous trees in front of the south and west side windows. The principal is simple: if you want to enjoy a cool spot in summer, stay away from direct sunlight and take a break under a shade. It can be tricky for a house because you may have to plant big trees on every side to get the best protection from the sun. Rather than spending extra money to purchase several dozens of big trees, you can go with some medium-sized trees and put them near the windows only. Because you have less sunlight that enters the house, the air condition does not have to work hard to keep you cool, hence reduced electricity bill.

Pond, Not Swimming Pool

A small pond and swimming pool have one thing in common: either has the potential to cool down the temperature not only for the body, but also the mind. The biggest difference is that you don’t have to think twice about building a pond surrounded by some big trees. If you do that to a swimming pool, you will spend more time cleaning it than in it. A combination of trees and pond (and probably fountains) can cool the air of the surrounding areas. They bring balance to the natural heat that enters the house, so you can consider them energy-saving too.


Trees are almost similar to fences, at least in term of wind-blocking. To get even better energy-saving landscape design or landscape construction, build reasonably tall fence around the house as the first line of defense against both hot and cold air during any season. The house can stay at more stable temperature regardless of the volatile temperature outside.

Drought-resistant Plants

Some plants are able to withstand drought better than others. Such plants give two great benefits: you don’t have to worry about spending summer vacation away (not watering the tress) and they can help to save water bill also.

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