Safety Switches

elecSafety switches are additional safety measures put up to protect people against execution in the office or home, and they are particularly important for outdoor operations. These switches help to monitor electricity flow through the circuit to which they are attached. The switch automatically shuts down in the event of a sudden surge, saving you the stress and cost of contacting electrical and emergency services.

Whereas these life-saving devices are popularly referred to as Safety Switches, Residual Current Device (RCD) is the technical name.

Types Of Safety Switches

Safety switches are of three types namely:

  • Switchboard-mounted switch

Just as the name suggests, they are attached to your switchboard. They protect any chosen electrical appliance attached to them. These switches are must-haves in new homes.

  • Power Points Safety Switches

They are mostly installed in older homes without switchboard-mounted switches.  They are usually plugged into an outlet and guarantee the safety of appliance plugged into the outlet. For added security, power point safety switches ought to be mounted on the initial power point after mounting the circuit board. These are most efficient in specific places where there is greater risk of danger like bathrooms and workshops.

  • Portable Switches

These switches are vital for those who work outdoors with power tools. They have the same function as an extension cord, plugged directly on one end of the power cord and providing a female opening at the other end. The use of old electrical devices that doggy or dirty may make the safety switch trip.

How do Safety Switches Work?

When a person has direct contact with a faulty circuit, they could offer a path to earth – they could suffer a fatal shock. Safety switches act as a ‘middleman,’ standing between your home’s power source and the appliances. These guards are designed to regulate current flow. Where a residual current flow or a sock current is detected, the safety switches automatically reacts and shuts down the circuit under 300 milliseconds.

Why Do I Need Safety Switches?

Safety switches protect homeowners from faulty appliances and wiring as well when using electrical devices in wet areas. Safety switches are highly recommended in areas where the risk of electric shock is high. Do not assume that the circuit on which you are working has a safety switch – it is always safer to check and be double sure it is included. Where you still have some doubts, then you may use a portable one.

How Do I Know My Home Needs Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Still not sure if your home is due for panel upgrade? Here are a few of the several indications that signal the need for an upgrade:

  • Do you notice a constant flickering of your lights from bright to dim?
  • Do you think your appliances are not getting the required power?
  • Do your breakers trip whenever you switch on your hairdryer or microwave?

If your response to these questions is in the affirmative or you believe it is not all well with your electrical service, you should perhaps be thinking of an electrical panel upgrade

What does an Electrical Panel Update Entail?

When we talk of an electrical service or panel update, it involves taking off your old low capacity breaker box and replacing it with a higher capacity board. Calling a local electrician to complete the task will be the best option for most homeowners. Most professional electrical services will also replace and upgrade your meter sockets, wiring, and every other electrical component, just to ensure inadequate power is no longer a barrier to enjoying the full potential of your electrical gadgets.

How to Upgrade an Electrical Panel to 200-Amp Service

Let The Professionals Do What They Know Best To Do

It is noteworthy that DIY is not recommended for any form of electrical services upgrades, but should be handled by a certified electrical service contractor.  Handling breaker box installations, wiring, and other electrical components are highly dangerous; hence untrained persons should avoid venturing into this.

Most importantly, when you need a home theatre installation or similar high-energy-powered installation, electrical service upgrades offers the entire home the desired power. Visit or call your local electrical service providers today for professional electric panel upgrades and high quality and reliable artistry to guarantee safety of your home and family.

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